intrigued by flashing lights and quiet sounds  Real Space Noise reunites Ichor and Laboratory X members Chad Blinman (programming/voices) and Steve Ashburn (keyboards/guitars). 

the residue of feeling  As with their previous projects, the directive of Real Space Noise is to create a complex architecture of pop-oriented songwriting, synthesizer-and-guitar-driven instrumentation, cerebral lyrics, and characteristics of retro-styled space rock.

the future now  The result evokes aspects of modern rock and electronica, 70s/80s "new wave" and "no wave" musics, industrial and science fiction film music.  These elements, combined with Ashburn and Blinman's peculiar writing and arranging style, fuse into something strangely familiar - yet difficult to categorize.

control the reason  Blinman, a studio veteran whose production and engineering credits range from Face to Face, The Get Up Kids, Viva Death and Senses Fail, to Faith and the Muse and German industrial giant Das Ich, to the programming/production collective The Legion of Doom (whose mashups and remixes are the stuff of internet legend), brings his unusual recording style to all of Real Space Noise's output.

welcome to the simulation  The first full-length release from Real Space Noise is the album Radio Method, produced by Blinman and Ashburn at The Eye Socket (Blinman's Venice, California recording facility and the central laboratory of Real Space Noise).  The album was released October 24, 2006 on independent label Functional Equivalent Recordings.

watch the displays  Themes of man's relationship with technology, reason and faith, and the broken promise of the future run throughout Radio Method, forming a densely detailed sonic landscape that is at times stark and chilling, then a towering wall of angular, layered sound.

instinctive deletions  Moving beyond the self-contained, some songs on Radio Method feature guest vocal performances by Trever Keith and Scott Shiflett (Face to Face, Viva Death).  Keith also collaborated on the song "Are You Uncomfortable?" writing the lyrics as well as performing them.

another plastic day  In addition to audio releases, Real Space Noise is exploring the world of video imagery:  their self-directed video "The Monkey Gear" is available for download at, and future video releases are in the works.

it feels like we're right there